ICMI Namibia strives to set top standards for Coaching & Mentoring Solutions in Namibia. Our major value offerings are as follows:


Over the years, coaching has become a must-have in not only the professional sphere but also the personal and organisational spheres. In this regard, we offer a variety of customised coaching solutions for optimal performance and outstanding results. For ICMI’s full range of coaching solutions, click here


ICMI provides professional coach training, certification and post-training support for inspired individuals that desire to become trained coaches. This professional coach training is especially useful for people that intend to operate professional coaching businesses. It also benefits corporate leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders that wish to get more out of their people through powerful coaching methodologies. For more information on ICMI’s professional coach-training programmes, please click here


We offer a variety of short courses and programmes aimed at facilitating professional skills and personal development of key personnel. These courses, which support all-round organisational productivity, are presented by subject matter specialists and expert facilitators. For more details on ICMI’s short courses and registration, please click here.


ICMI’s Corporate Performance Coaching Programme is a powerful personal, leadership and team performance improvement initiative aimed at developing and supporting “limitless leadership” for sustainable corporate transformation. The programme facilitates leadership perceptions, self-awareness, relationships, empowerment, responsibility, authority and accountability across all levels, and is what every high performance organisation (HPO) needs to positively influence true ‘leadershift’. To register for the Corporate Performance Coaching Programme, Click here