We believe in leadership that harnesses the good intent and best beliefs of an organisation’s people, unifying them around a reason for being. We believe in the fact that, when an organisation is connected to its sense of purpose and creates the conditions for people to take meaningful action, the organisation fully thrives, and something extraordinary would always happen.

Evangelina Nangula Hamunyela
Executive Coach

With a distinguished career as an executive both in the public & private sectors, Nangula has gained valuable insights into leadership requirements in both sectors, and has distinguished herself in strategy formulation and execution, as well as inspiring teams to greater performance.

Nangula holds an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management. She is a Certified Integral Coach, through the UCT Graduate School of Business’ Centre of Coaching. Her areas of focus are Executive, Business and Financial Coaching, as well as Women Leadership. Her purpose is to be an inspirational coach and mentor to others!

Alexander “Alex” Shapaka
Professional Coach

Alex Moto is “we are productive because we care”. His areas of focus are Professional, Lifestyle & Financial coaching. Alexander is a seasoned engineering professional from the university of Witwatersrand with senior management and technical experience and has 15 years’ work experience in local and international industry.

He is driven by his love for country and humanity and has a passion for mentoring & coaching. Alex creates value through influencing of  individuals & teams to believe in themselves and become more productive members of their nations.