Team Coaching

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Team Coaching

An organisation is only as good as its people…

Every organisation is only as good as its people, and the major difference in performance between two organisations is the level and utilisation of their talents. As a result, we provide team coaching and transformation solutions for organisations that desire more creative and actively engaged personnel as workplace team members.

How it Works

Practical experience and several researches have shown that coaching employees is very important because among others, it helps companies to overcome costly and time-consuming performance problems by optimising essential skills.

ICMI’s approach is thus focused on processes that equip people to be “Value Image Projectors” (“VIPs”). VIPs are people with the right mind tools and knowledge to embrace opportunities to fully reflect the best values of their organisation. They are therefore inspired to continue to create real value for self and others.

Our approach involves, but goes well beyond office and/or outdoor team building events. Specifically, we focus on providing practical High Performance Teams’ solutions, which in turn guarantee sustainable Return on Experience (RoE) for every individual team member. This is what promotes improved team cohesiveness, better engagement, as well as heightened energy, resilience and tenacity.

Special Benefits

  • Sustained increase in both employee value and leadership value, which minimizes learned helplessness and personnel disengagement.
  • Reversal of workplace toxicity, high staff burnout and turnover, as well as skills mis-alignment and lack of personal fulfilment.
  • Increased people self-awareness and improved “response-abilities” due to amplified personal knowledge, high trust levels and team energy.
  • Opportunity for optimal skills utilisation, as well as self and mutual accountability, leading to enhanced individual and team performance.
  • Encouragement of self-motivated and result-oriented individuals that are inspired to produce extraordinary outcomes through collective responsibility.

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